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Marianne Lepa (
Wed, 07 Jan 1998 07:08:05 -0500

At 11:41 PM 1/6/98 PST, you wrote:
>If I ever find a good bathtub, I invite you for a bath before I
>fill it with dirt. :)  I'll invite Margaret too for "old times 
>sake."  I know what Margaret means.  We had an old bathtub at home 
>and when I was a kid y mother fell out of the bathtub and broke her 
>leg.  She was a heavy woman and had trouble getting herself in and 
>out of the tub.

After listening to all the tales here, I'm wondering if I'm not in some
sort of denial or something. It *was* twenty years ago that I had that tub,
and while I'm only a few years older than George's daughter, I suppose I
might find that I'm not as flexible as I used to be. ;-)

>And speaking of breaking your leg, for God's sake watch out for that 
>skiing!  I'm not trying to be funny here, believe me, but in view of 
>the deaths this last week, watch out for trees!

Funny how many times I've had this said to me this week! Rest assured, most
of the skiing I do nowadays is the cross-country variety. If I were to run
into a tree, the worst that could happen might be a bit of bark dust in my
eye. :-)  Even when I do have a chance to downhill ski, I'm far too chicken
to ever stray off a marked trail. :-)

>Lillian, who has stacked all her garden catalogs on the back of the 
>toilet and is looking forward to being constipated. :)

Speaking of catalogues...are any other Canadians on this list finding that
their catalogue arrival is seriously delayed? I'm *still* waiting for a few
that were due right around the time our post office went on strike in late
November. Might be my address change though, that tends to confuse things a

Marianne, who knows what a thunder mug is, but would rather brave the moose
than use one.
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