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Thu, 08 Jan 1998 15:00:54 -0500

At 08:10 AM 08-01-98, George Shirley wrote:

Hated to go to
>>>their houses to visit, always afraid a spider would bite a tender portion
>>>of my anatomy whilst in the outhouse. :-)
>>Spiders were my worst fear, too, at my grandparents' farm.  little did I
>>know that rattlesnakes go down the hole to cool off or warm up, I don't
>>know which.  They didn't dream rattlers would go there either.  Margaret
>Oh geez Margaret, now I'll have nightmares. I hate rattlesnakes worse than
>spiders. Must come from having been bitten by a ground rattler when I was
>about 9 or 10. Only made me sick for a few days but scared the crap outta
>me, literally.

George, the best way to quell those nightmares is to spring for an inside
toilet.  Come on, lad, it's the end of the 20th century and plumbed toilets
have been around since the Romans, maybe even the Minoans.