[gardeners] monsterspit revisited

Tom Clothier (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 9 Jan 1998 08:51:28 -0600

From: Pat Vinson <asidv@ktc.com>

>Best name I've heard for Mr. Gate's mania. Thanks, I'll quote you. Also
>thanks for the excellent review of IE 4.0.

One of the problems with media discussions of home computing is
that they tend to talk only about the hardware and software under
development.  By the time you get around to replacing your antiquated
system,  they are no longer discussing the products that you find
in the store.  The result is that unless you go out and purchase every
new o/s, web browser, high power chip, etc. right away, you find
yourself hopelessly out of date in every discussion.

But, brand new technologies are almost as frightening to humans
as future technologies.  Like anyone else, I waffle back and forth
between wanting to understand current discussion at least a little
bit  --  and my fear of throwing money away on some new stuff
that I won't understand, or which won't work for me, or which turns
out not to do what they said it would do.

Having leapt onto the monsterspit holiday special cd-rom and
its giveaway price, I was trying to pull my pants up and get with it.
But, I was afraid that all the hype was going to byte me.  After
two weeks of extensive daily testing, I want to affirm my original

IE 4.0 is a super browser, and almost an o/s in itself.  Fortunately,
you the user are always in full control.  It does not impose itself
on you.

Outlook Express remains the bestest and fastest and most
customizable mail and news software that I have ever used, and
I have tried almost all of them.

This may well be the first time that I am using a current technology
while it is still current.  As I get older, I see that the risers in the steps
of life get higher, hence my latest invention:  the stepladder of

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