Re: [gardeners] monsterspit revisited

Liz Albrook (
Fri, 9 Jan 1998 08:52:00 +0000

Tom Clothier <> wrote:

> From: Pat Vinson <>
> >Best name I've heard for Mr. Gate's mania. Thanks, I'll quote you. Also
> >thanks for the excellent review of IE 4.0.
> One of the problems with media discussions of home computing is
> that they tend to talk only about the hardware and software under
> development.  By the time you get around to replacing your antiquated
> system,  they are no longer discussing the products that you find
> in the store.  The result is that unless you go out and purchase every
> new o/s, web browser, high power chip, etc. right away, you find
> yourself hopelessly out of date in every discussion.

I solved that problem a couple of years ago.  I went out with an 
ill-gotten inheritance and blew about $4000 on state of the art 
equipment.  Yes, sad as it sounds to those of you who are more modern 
than I, my big bucks bought a P166, a 19"monitor, a set of big altec 
lansing speakers with a sub-woofer, an HP 5p printer (I'll never buy 
an HP again but that's another story), a 6x CD-ROM and a blazingly 
fast graphics card with 4 Megs of memory, a 2 gig hard drive and 32 
Meg of ram.

The point?  I haven't looked at a computer magazine since I bought my 
machine.  I know that I'm getting out of date because I bought a game 
that came out in July and the minimum requirements included a P100.  
But the truth is that my machine is still blazingly fast, the 
graphics are glorious and the sound is awesome because I no one has 
told me how slow and plain my system is.  I refuse to let my sis tell 
me about mmx and won't talk to my brother in law about the new stuff 
he's buying.

My head is stuck firmly in the sand and I'm satisfied.  Now if I 
could just muster up the courage to not look at seed catalogues.