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Fri, 09 Jan 1998 10:58:25

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>Tom Clothier <> wrote:
>> From: Pat Vinson <>
>> >Best name I've heard for Mr. Gate's mania. Thanks, I'll quote you. Also
>> >thanks for the excellent review of IE 4.0.
>> One of the problems with media discussions of home computing is
>> that they tend to talk only about the hardware and software under
>> development.  By the time you get around to replacing your antiquated
>> system,  they are no longer discussing the products that you find
>> in the store.  The result is that unless you go out and purchase every
>> new o/s, web browser, high power chip, etc. right away, you find
>> yourself hopelessly out of date in every discussion.
>I solved that problem a couple of years ago.  I went out with an 
>ill-gotten inheritance and blew about $4000 on state of the art 
>equipment.  Yes, sad as it sounds to those of you who are more modern 
>than I, my big bucks bought a P166, a 19"monitor, a set of big altec 
>lansing speakers with a sub-woofer, an HP 5p printer (I'll never buy 
>an HP again but that's another story), a 6x CD-ROM and a blazingly 
>fast graphics card with 4 Megs of memory, a 2 gig hard drive and 32 
>Meg of ram.
>The point?  I haven't looked at a computer magazine since I bought my 
>machine.  I know that I'm getting out of date because I bought a game 
>that came out in July and the minimum requirements included a P100.  
>But the truth is that my machine is still blazingly fast, the 
>graphics are glorious and the sound is awesome because I no one has 
>told me how slow and plain my system is.  I refuse to let my sis tell 
>me about mmx and won't talk to my brother in law about the new stuff 
>he's buying.
>My head is stuck firmly in the sand and I'm satisfied.  Now if I 
>could just muster up the courage to not look at seed catalogues.
You always were just a little bit fast Liz. ;-))

George, who's sorta slow most days