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At 11:23 AM 09-01-98 +0000, Liz Albrook wrote:
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>> What has been the problem with Hewlett Packard?  I am thinking about a new
>> printer........
>> I have been satisfied with the Laserjet 3.
>I'd consider trading my 5P for your 3.
>For one thing the paper feed on mine is the pits -- over half the 
>time the paper feeds through on a slant.  Paper feeds through from 
>the top and I'm forever cleaning dust out of the top.  This problem 
>developed within weeks of getting the printer and HP product support 
>has been *terrible*.  They have essentially said "tough noogies".  
>Someone on that other list had the same complaint last year about a 
>different HP model -- and the same tech support complaint.  Epson, on 
>the other hand, does indeed provide tech support, will admit that 
>their printers occasionally malfunction and will do something about 
>I once loved HP printers -- back when I used the Laserjet 3.  Dang 
>fine printer.  The output from my printer is perfect when the page 
>feeds correctly.  I've tried several brands of paper and used several 
>weights but HP refuses to admit there's a problem.  They don't return 
>phone calls or faxes.  
>I think they have Michigan Bulb providing tech support.

We've had the Laserjet 3 for 6 years or so and not a single problem.  We
have industrial use on it too, all papers for school and research etc.  We
buy paper by the box of  5000 and have gone through 3 boxes in a year.
Lots of printing.  My husband has a small desktop 4L which works well, too.
 No trades.  We are considering a colour printer, though, but won't get rid
of these.  We have 2 old dot matrix which are still going strong; those are
at the office.