Re: HP was Re: [gardeners] monsterspit revisited

Liz Albrook (
Fri, 9 Jan 1998 11:23:41 +0000 <> wrote:

> What has been the problem with Hewlett Packard?  I am thinking about a new
> printer........
> I have been satisfied with the Laserjet 3.

I'd consider trading my 5P for your 3.

For one thing the paper feed on mine is the pits -- over half the 
time the paper feeds through on a slant.  Paper feeds through from 
the top and I'm forever cleaning dust out of the top.  This problem 
developed within weeks of getting the printer and HP product support 
has been *terrible*.  They have essentially said "tough noogies".  
Someone on that other list had the same complaint last year about a 
different HP model -- and the same tech support complaint.  Epson, on 
the other hand, does indeed provide tech support, will admit that 
their printers occasionally malfunction and will do something about 

I once loved HP printers -- back when I used the Laserjet 3.  Dang 
fine printer.  The output from my printer is perfect when the page 
feeds correctly.  I've tried several brands of paper and used several 
weights but HP refuses to admit there's a problem.  They don't return 
phone calls or faxes.  

I think they have Michigan Bulb providing tech support.