Re: [gardeners] Nigella - Love in a mist

Lillian Kepp (
Sat, 10 Jan 98 22:48:41 PST

On Sat, 10 Jan 1998 20:30:51 -0500  Cynthia Mayeaux wrote:
>At 07:36 PM 1/10/98 PST, Lillian Kepp wrote:
>>Was looking over some messages on the gardening newsgroup and 
>>someone mentioned that Nigella reseeds itself.
>>Does anyone know if I can count on this in South Central Ohio?
>>I planted it in two different places this year and would love to 
>>it come back on it's own.
>I sure hope it does Lillian,  I'm looking forward to seeing my
>Love-In-The-Mist pop up all over the place this spring :-)


Good, good.  I'm glad to hear that. I might have received the seeds 
from you, maybe Cheryl.  I'd have to check.  I know it was a "C" 
lady. :)