Re: [gardeners] The Freezing Rain Warning Has Ended

George Shirley (
Tue, 13 Jan 1998 15:08:44

At 03:22 PM 1/13/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Marianne Lepa <> wrote:
>> Hmmm, innerestin'....the only reference I can find to growing the stuff is
>> in Phillips & Foy's 'Herbs' and they say it's easily grown from seed in any
>> kind of soil. No mention of needing fresh seed or any fancy methods at all.
>> You'd think something that's considered a weed wouldn't cause much trouble
>> with germination, wouldn't you? 
>Marianne, I've been growing epazote with seed from Shepard's for 
>years.   Never had any difficulty with germination or anything 
>but the smell.  The stuff stinks to high heaven until you use 
>it.  Like Margaret, I've had to re-sew just about every year.
>I would definitely give the Richter's seed a try.
Well, geez, y'all live in the temperate zone, epazote does best like from
the Rio Grande Valley south, that's where it's a common weed.