Re: [gardeners] Decaisnea fargesii (
Thu, 15 Jan 1998 23:10:14 -0500 (EST)

>From: Cheryl & Erich Schaefer <>
>> One of the seeds I'm ordering is for a plant I've been unable to find
>>anywhere - descaisnea fargesii. It's a shrub, 6-10 ft x 4 ft with large
>>blue seedpods and bizarre flower clusters. I haven't even been able to find
>>it in books, just the original one from which I got the name, description
>>and no source. I just hope I'm lucky enough to get the seed. Anyone have
>>this one? Any experience germinating the seed?

Decaisnea fargesii is widely available in plant form.  Check out:

Forest Farm
990 Tetherow Road
Williams, OR 97544-9599
(541) 846-7269
$3.00 'subscription' (BIG catalog)
Heronswood Nursery Ltd.
7530 NE 288th Street
Kingston, WA  98346-9502
(360) 297-4172  fax 297-8321
Great source of unusual perennials and shrubs etc.  Especially variegated stuff
Catalogue $4
Gossler Farms Nursery
1200 Weaver Road
Springfield, Oregon  97478-9691
vox541. 746-3922
fax:   541. 744-7924

Hope this helps,

Bill & Harvey
SKID Plants Zone 6 CT USA