Re: [gardeners] Mother's Cooking was Seeds

Cheryl & Erich Schaefer (
Fri, 16 Jan 1998 14:19:09 -0500 (EST)

>> >I received the March edition of Kitchen Garden magazine yesterday, and a
>> >photo of 'Lacinato' Kale (which I hadn't heard of before) shows a vial
>> >upside down on a stick, balanced over the kale.  Caption says the "cotton
>> >ball in the vial is soaked with camphor oil to repel cabbage looper moths."
>I wonder more about the camphor.  If memory serves, it's a pretty toxic.
>Yup.  Just looked it up.  "Ingestion is harmful and may be
>fatal";"Epileptiform seizures may be caused through all routes of
>exposure"  TLV/TWA is 12 mg/m3, STEL 18 mg/m3, and PEL 2 mg/m3;
>LD50 mouse (oral) is 1310 mg/kg.
>Medical conditions generally aggravated by exposure: kidney disorders,
>liver disorders, heart disorders, epilepsy.
>Given the choice between handling camphor and acephate, I think I
>might take the acephate.  But I think I'll stick to row cover.
>Kay Lancaster

Margaret, do you think the camphor exposure has anything to do with you
being you (VBG)? I suppose it's akin to being dropped on one's head in
infancy, or being victims of the hazards of ignorance to which we were all
exposed at one time or another. Scary. Cheryl