Re: [gardeners] BOUNCE

Tom Clothier (
Sat, 17 Jan 1998 15:27:02 -0600

From: jaime <>

>George?  What in the heck was that?  Do you have any idea?  I 
>mean I realize it bounced ... there was an error .... how did 
>you get it then?  Color me confused.  

As lillian explained it to me, there is a glitch which she is trying
to correct.  Apparently the computer processing mail to this
maillist looks for words that it understands, like *s*u*b*s*c*r*i*b*e*
and if it finds that word, it assumes that the mail was intended 
for it (the computer), and since your note responding to 
Margaret's post was full of other words that it did not
understand, was obliged to bounce the mail to the listowner.

There may be one or two other words that fall into this category
as well.  It remains to be seen.  In the meanwhile, I think it
may be useful to refrain from using that word (command) in
any context unless you encrypt it as I have done above.