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>Please note that the following information is directly from the FCC's own
>web page, located at:
>"In December 1996, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requested
>public comment on issues relating to the charges that Internet
>Service Providers (ISPs) and similar companies pay to local telephone
>companies. On May 7, 1997, the FCC decided to leave the existing rate
>structure in place. In other words, the FCC decided not to allow local
>telephone companies to impose per-minute access charged on ISPs.
>Please Note: There is no open comment period in this proceeding. If you have
>recently seen a message on the Internet stating that in response
>to a request from local telephone companies, the FCC is requesting comments
>to <isp@fcc.gov> by February 1998, be aware that this
>information is inaccurate.
>The FCC issued an unrelated public notice, DA 98-2, on January 5, 1998 in
>connection with a report to Congress on universal service. Pursuant
>to the FCC's 1998 appropriations legislation, the Commission must submit a
>report by April 10, 1998 on several issues including the legal status
>of Internet services under the Telecommunications Act of 1996. Comments in
>response to the public notice are due January 20, 1998, and reply
>comments are due February 2, 1998. Informal comments may be sent by email to
><usreport@fcc.gov>. "
>John Taylor
>San Antonio, Texas
>connie hoy wrote:
>> Subject: phone usages fees on e-mail
>> Date: Sun, 11 Jan 1998 08:47:57 -0800
>> From: "Dixie A. Dringman" <cactus@nwinternet.com>
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>> Granted this is not a cactus story but for all of us that do most of our
>> cactus contact by e-mail this IS an important issue. I know that a year
>> ago the phone companies were talking about this and now...
>> The paragraphs below were copied from another mail list. needs to be
>> brought out into public discussion before it is put into law.  Note the
>> email
>> address where you can register your concern. Spread the word - note
>> deadline is  2/13/98.
>> *******************************************************************
>> I am writing you this to inform you of a very important matter currently
>> under review by the FCC. Your local telephone company has filed a
>> proposal with
>> the FCC to impose per minute charges for internet service. They contend
>> that
>> your usage has or will hinder the operation of the telephone network.
>> It is my belief that internet usage will diminish if users were required
>> to
>> pay additional per minute charges. The FCC has created an email box for
>> your comments, responses must be received by February 13, 1998. Send
>> your
>> comments and tell them what you think.
>>                  mailto:isp@fcc.gov