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Kay Lancaster (
Wed, 21 Jan 1998 13:44:19 -0800 (PST)

> You may want to send an e-mail to the FCC voicing objection to a proposal
> allowing
> local phone companies to impose a per minute charge for the use of the
> internet and e-mail. 

This is one of those internet urban legend.  To get the whole story,
go to

Snippet of their 7 Jan 98 FAQ on this enclosed:

Subject: Fact Sheet on The FCC, Internet Service Providers, and Access Charges

> sheet offers informal guidance on an issue that has generated a great
> deal of public interest. For more specific details about the proceedings
> currently before the Commission, please visit our web site
> ( 
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> In December 1996, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requested
> public comment on issues relating to the charges that Internet Service
> Providers (ISPs) and similar companies pay to local telephone companies.
> On May 7, 1997, the FCC decided to le ave the existing rate structure in
> place. In other words, the FCC decided not to allow local telephone
> companies to impose per-minute access charged on ISPs.  

> Please Note:  There is no open comment period in this proceeding. If you
> have recently seen a message on the Internet stating that in response to
> a request from local telephone companies, the FCC is requesting comments
> to <> by February 1998, be aware that this information is
> inaccurate. 

> The FCC issued an unrelated public notice, DA 98-2, on
> January 5, 1998 in connection with a report to Congress on universal
> service. Pursuant to the FCC's 1998 appropriations legislation, the
> Commission must submit a report by April 10, 1998 on several issues
> including the legal status of Internet services under the
> Telecommunications Act of 1996. Comments in response to the public
> notice are due January 20, 1998, and reply comments are due February 2,
> 1998. Informal comments may be sent by email to <us>. 

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Kay Lancaster