Re: [gardeners] Fw: Propogating Tree Collards (
Thu, 22 Jan 1998 19:16:12 -0500

At 04:30 PM 22-01-98 -0500, Michael & Bambi Cantrell wrote:
>>Very sorry to hear about your Grandmother, Bambi.  I hope you know the
>>varieties of things she grew.  Wish I knew the varieties of my
>>grandmothers' favorites.  Margaret
>Thanks Margaret.  I have several flowers that she used to grow that she
>with me over the years.  I don't know the names of the varieties of flowers,
>but I
>have the flowers  :-)
>The one thing I wish I knew what variety she grew is collards.  She called
>cabbage collards, as they were lighter green than most and were sweeter and
>more tender than most collards.  The seeds were not available around here,
>she saved her own seed every year.  I don't know where she got the first
>from---I think she said someone gave them to her.  Anyway, they are gone
>and I don't know what it was.  They were the best collards that I've ever
>eaten, though.

Watch the garden this spring; a few may come up on their own.  And don't
throw out any boxes without checking the contents for seeds.  You may get
some yet.


>Soon I'm going to her house and get cuttings from her camillias.  They are
>right now.  I want to try to propagate some of hers for myself.
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