Re: [gardeners] Fw: Propogating Tree Collards

George Shirley (
Thu, 22 Jan 1998 19:21:54

At 04:39 PM 1/22/98 -0500, Michael & Bambi Cantrell wrote:
>>Sorry to hear about your grannie, they are often the best part of being a
>Thanks George.  She was indeed a wonderful part of my childhood.  We lived
>in a separate house, but on the same farm with them as I was growing up.
>Her answer to all of our problems was to feed us.  She was a wonderful cook,
>and we grew most of our own food.  She first taught me about taking cuttings
>plants and getting plants from the cuttings.
>>Your bubble is busted, being a Texian I'm actually a westerner, not a
>>southerner. Only reason we seceded from the Union was to get a chance to
>>shoot some Yankees. No one in my family liked collards so I never got used
>>to them. Mom and Dad liked mustard greens but I wouldn't eat them for years
>>and have just started eating them mixed with other greens. Might plant some
>>collards just to see if my tastes have changed in 40 some years. Did start
>>eating grits again this year after I swore I never would.
>We like collards, mustard, turnip greens, etc.  We also eat grits.  My
>husband will
>even eat hominy!!  Yuck!  Try the collards, and do as Liz suggested and try
>very young, and see if that makes a difference.  You don't like collards.  I
>guess that
>truly strikes you out as a Southrener.  Some things never lie...   :-)
I do like hominy, yellow or white. I don't like turnips except raw or
pickled. I like young field corn better than sweet corn. I like all kinds
of peas and beans. Just your average redneck diet. We had venison sausage
yesterday and baked redfish today, got some venison backstrap for tomorrow.