Re: [gardeners] On the road again

Liz Albrook (
Fri, 23 Jan 1998 11:00:21 +0000 <> wrote:

> Am leaving Texas to head back to Atlanta this morning. I can't
> believe that the daffodils are about to blom here....the early
> bearded iris are blooming...the dianthus are starting.

I had a dream last night about you leaving Texas and traveling via 
I-10.  I called you just before you left and convinced you to stop by 
my parents old house in MS.  I wanted you to see the 40 foot camelia 
that was in bloom.

You're probably going to go the northern route and will miss that 
camelia tree.  That's a real shame.  I'm tempted to fly down there 
myself and see if it's blooming.