Re: [gardeners] Fw: Propogating Tree Collards

Margaret Lauterbach (
Mon, 26 Jan 1998 07:55:12 -0700

At 07:17 PM 1/25/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Bambi wrote:
>> >The one thing I wish I knew what variety she grew is collards.  She
>> >them
>> >cabbage collards,
>You might try sending an e-mail to Southern Exposure Seed Exchange.
>Catharine, who came home to find that the collards and Komatsuna had gone
>to town in her absence. Gonna have me a fine mess of greens for dinner
>Thanks, another good suggestion.  :-)  I do envy you your collards for
>dinner.  :-)
>One day, when we meet, remind you to tell you the joke about the two Soutron
>Belles.  :-)
Can't you tell her privately, Bambi?  She has a way of, sharing
information with others.  Jokes are very welcome.  Even though I'm already
elated over the Super bowl win.  Margaret