Re: [gardeners] Hawaii garden spots? (
Mon, 26 Jan 1998 19:11:50 +0000

George wrote:
> Waikiki was disappointing, little narrow beach full of fat ladies from Nu
> Yawk City when Anne and I visited. To me all the Big Island is a tourist
> trap. Enjoyed Maui a lot, still a lot of wilderness, hippies growing pot,
> etc. I wanted to go up on Pele but it was erupting at the time.

Then it's Maui for us.  And, if Pele is not erupting, we still won't 
go!  I was marked, at an early age, by a book on Pompeii and have 
never wanted to be one of those "perfectly preserved bodies" some 
22nd century archaeologist unearths.  Call me chicken.

Guess the part of Hawaii I really want to see involves gardens, wild 
orchids, pineapple plantations, waterfalls, and more gardens.  If it 
is half as beautiful as the Hawaii Convention and Visitors Bureau 
trumpets, we may decide to stay. I don't even care if they have 
lizards.  (Had a sort-of-aunt [from Detroit] who married a 
born-and-reared Honolululan; moved there; saw a lizard, packed 
her little valise and moved to an apartment hotel in LA.   Never 
returned.   From time to time she thought about going to Mardi Gras 
in New Orleans; never made it; she'd heard they had 'gators.  Is that 
a true rumor, George?  Best, Pat