Re: [gardeners] Hawaii garden spots?

George Shirley (
Mon, 26 Jan 1998 20:10:54

At 07:11 PM 1/26/98 +0000, you wrote:
>George wrote:
>> Waikiki was disappointing, little narrow beach full of fat ladies from Nu
>> Yawk City when Anne and I visited. To me all the Big Island is a tourist
>> trap. Enjoyed Maui a lot, still a lot of wilderness, hippies growing pot,
>> etc. I wanted to go up on Pele but it was erupting at the time.
>Then it's Maui for us.  And, if Pele is not erupting, we still won't 
>go!  I was marked, at an early age, by a book on Pompeii and have 
>never wanted to be one of those "perfectly preserved bodies" some 
>22nd century archaeologist unearths.  Call me chicken.

I don't know, saw a documentary on "Love in the Ancient World" last night.
Two of those "perfectly preserved bodies" were a wealthy Roman matriarch
and her gladiator paramour. What an interesting way to go through eternity.
>Guess the part of Hawaii I really want to see involves gardens, wild 
>orchids, pineapple plantations, waterfalls, and more gardens.  If it 
>is half as beautiful as the Hawaii Convention and Visitors Bureau 
>trumpets, we may decide to stay. I don't even care if they have 
>lizards.  (Had a sort-of-aunt [from Detroit] who married a 
>born-and-reared Honolululan; moved there; saw a lizard, packed 
>her little valise and moved to an apartment hotel in LA.   Never 
>returned.   From time to time she thought about going to Mardi Gras 
>in New Orleans; never made it; she'd heard they had 'gators.  Is that 
>a true rumor, George?  Best, Pat
Ma oui, cher! I can show you gators within a mile of where we live. For all
I know they may be living in the storm sewers. Naw, the heavy rains we've
had lately would have washed them out to the bayou.