Re: [gardeners] Hawaii garden spots?

Kay Lancaster (
Mon, 26 Jan 1998 18:56:03 -0800 (PST)

On Mon, 26 Jan 1998, George Shirley wrote:

> >Guess the part of Hawaii I really want to see involves gardens, wild 
> >orchids, pineapple plantations, waterfalls, and more gardens.  If it 
> >is half as beautiful as the Hawaii Convention and Visitors Bureau 
> >trumpets, we may decide to stay. I don't even care if they have 
> >lizards.  (Had a sort-of-aunt [from Detroit] who married a 
> >born-and-reared Honolululan; moved there; saw a lizard, packed 
> >her little valise and moved to an apartment hotel in LA.   Never 
> >returned.   

Guess she never noticed the western fence lizards all over LA.  ;-)

I've not had the pleasure of visiting Hawaii, but after talking to
botanist and birder friends, I think I'd head to Kapunakea and Waikamoi
Preserve on Maui, Kamakou rain forest on Molokai and Honouliuli Preserve
on Maui -- these are all Nature Conservancy preserves with hiking trails.

Given unlimited time and a boat or helicopter, I'd like to be dropped
off on some of the little "new islands" -- but then I'm an island
biogeography nut.

If you can find it, Sherwin Carlquist's _Hawaii: A Natural History_
has some excellent background information.

Kay Lancaster