Re: [gardeners] Hawaii garden spots?

Liz Albrook (
Tue, 27 Jan 1998 10:02:25 +0000

Catharine Vinson <> wrote:
> Where are some neato, non-touristy spots to visit in Hawaii? Mother
> and Father leave for a week there on bidness/fun at the end of this
> week. I keep telling her that she can find out about anything in the
> universe just by speaking up here. I've suggested slugs as a perfect
> introductory topice, too <bg>

DOn't remember which island it's on but the Volcanic Park -- one of 
the national parks -- has some truly nifty rock formations and 
plants.  Very nifty.  You just have to remember that this 
recommendation is coming from a geek and may only interest other