[gardeners] Heirloom Seeds company

Catharine Vinson (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Tue, 27 Jan 1998 10:40:45 +0000

The best thing about having been out of town these past weeks was coming 
home to a huge stack of seed catalogs. I can't resist sending a plug for 
one that may not be well known:

Heirloom Seeds in W. Elizabeth PA. (www.usaor.net/heirloom). They only 
offer O.P. veggie, herb and flower seeds. Empahsis is on veggies. They 
have some outstanding varieties I don't find other places. I bought a 
bunch of seed from them last year and the seed was exceptionally clean. 
All had good germination. They offer a couple of new tomatoes this year 
that are tempting: Picardy (France) and Besser (Germany). And the El 
Chaco pepper from South America (very hot) looks good, too.

Anyway, no affiliation; just another Garden addict.

Catharine, off to plant peas. (Atlanta, zone 7b)