Re: [gardeners] Hawaii garden spots?

Jane Burdekin (
Tue, 27 Jan 1998 05:12:52 -0700

I would love to go back to Hawaii, and some day I will.  The islands are
beautiful, I think my favorite was the big island.  We went to some
nurseries around Hilo, and up to the volcanos.  I also liked Kauaii the
trip up the river to the wedding spot is nice even tho there are reported
to be pirana in the river.  I can't give you specific nurseries but there
are lots of them, I still have a couple of plumerias from my trip almost 20
yrs ago.  Maui was ok, but also touristy.  Tell your mom to have a
wonderful trip, I wish it  was me.  Jane 

> Since Mother seems to be suffering from tongue-tied in extremeis, I'll 
> ask:
> Where are some neato, non-touristy spots to visit in Hawaii? Mother and 
> Father leave for a week there on bidness/fun at the end of this week. I 
> keep telling her that she can find out about anything in the universe
> by speaking up here. I've suggested slugs as a perfect introductory 
> topice, too <bg>
> Catharine