[gardeners] Re: .Liberation Laws

asidv@fbg.net (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 28 Jan 1998 10:30:59 +0000

Catharine wrote: 
.. I shudder to think 
> what she might try to stash in the lining of her suitcases coming back 
> from Hawaii.
In my own defense, I submit the following Liberation Laws for the 
Responsible Gardener: .
	1.  .Take only what you really admire and cannot obtain in a more 
lawful manner.	
	2.  Never harm the host or the host-plant.
	3.  Take only that which is appropriate to your zone and soil.
	4.  When liberating, act as if you know what you are 
doing, and
	5.  As if you are totally innocent of any wrong-doing.
	6.  Tend your loot carefully in order to insure its future health.
	7.  If faced with authority, plead the stupidity of advanced age.  
(This works better if you are at least 70.)
	8.  Be certain to adequately praise the gardener/owner/worker who 
(or that) is responsible for the display that led you into larceny.
	9.  Take such a small amount that it will not be missed, and
        10.  Most important law of all:  Be really, really grateful 
there are such lovely things in the world and vow to look the other 
way when a well brought up plant-kidnapper visits YOUR garden.
(And offer containers for their loot.)

NOT that I'm admitting the truth of Catharine's allegations.
	Her unknown relative