Re: [gardeners] Pinetree

George Shirley (
Fri, 30 Jan 1998 13:10:19

At 08:57 AM 1/30/98 -0600, you wrote:
>Hi George,
>What are you using for heat under your flats of plants.  I am trying to get
>some peppers going and am looking at propagating mats, to the tune of $73,
>and $34 for the smaller one.  That is a bit more than I wanted to spend.
>Thanks for the info.
>Jane (where it's sunny but cool, 35F, up to 50F today, and snow predicted
>tonight, and I was just commenting that the ice finally melted yesterday
>from the street. )
>>Pinetree must have recovered from the freeze in Maine, got my catalog order
>>yesterday and a 1998 catalog. Found a source for Golden Queen tomatoes in
>>that new catalog so guess I'll have to get another order off to them. <VBG>
>>Currently have two 36 pot flats going under the lights and over the heat
>>and have two more like that plus a flat of 3" pots sanitizing in the bleach
>>mix right now. Does anyone have some garden space I can borrow? It's either
>>that or dig up some more backyard. Hope Miz Anne's back can stand up to it.
>>We've been having a lot of sunshine and 70F days here with nighttime temps
>>down into the high thirties. Beautiful SPRING weather in SW Louisiana.
>>Thank you El Nino!
I found heat mats for $40.00 apiece in Peaceful Valleys catalog. They're an
odd size, 15"X25". I live in a highly industrialized area, $50 billion in
heavy industry, mostly refineries and chemical plants, and most of my
clients are technical contractors. Can generally always find a used
industrial alternative to the expensive stuff out of gardening catalogs. I
believe vendors know what suckers we gardeners are.