heat mats was [gardeners] Pinetree

Jane Burdekin (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 30 Jan 1998 13:23:38 -0600

Thanks George,
I found my notes on the prices, the 24x15 is $45, and the 4'x20" is $74.  I
have thought about my heating pad but don't want to do anything dangerous.
I also found one for $25 but they can't tell me how big it is, maybe
10"x10"  what good is that?  I'll keep checking, thanks for the info.  Jane

>I found heat mats for $40.00 apiece in Peaceful Valleys catalog. They're an
>odd size, 15"X25". I live in a highly industrialized area, $50 billion in
>heavy industry, mostly refineries and chemical plants, and most of my
>clients are technical contractors. Can generally always find a used
>industrial alternative to the expensive stuff out of gardening catalogs. I
>believe vendors know what suckers we gardeners are.