[gardeners] Seed starting

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 31 Jan 1998 10:55:06

Here's what I'm starting at the moment: Chiles - Longhorn (mild), Cubanelle
(mild), Turkish Hot, Hawaiian Tabasco, Casabella, Ancho, Thai Hots, Big
Chile. Tomatoes - Yellow Pear, Homestead, Tumbler, Amish Paste, Dinner
Plate, (Heatwave II's will be started in April). Eggplant - Hybrid Dusky
and Louisiana Long Green. Squash- Waltham Butternut, Spaghetti, Green
Striped Cushaw. Also a bunch of Burpee's Best Burpless Cukes and some
edible gourd - Cucuzzi. That's just what has been started for the nonce.
More chiles will be started next month and probably more squash and
tomatoes. Can't even mention the direct seeded stuff that is on hand,
multiple beans, radishes, greens, lettuces, etc. With any luck the Shirley
clan will eat good this year. 

Miz Anne is out yonder yanking up monkey grass as I write this. When she is
done with her salvage operation we will yank up another 4 or 5 azaleas and
some other trash bushes she has in what, soon, will be my large herb bed.
My friend, often referred to as "Our Lady of the Personal Ponds", will be
here this afternoon. Angie makes part of her living selling crop insurance
and the rest by designing and installing garden ponds. She's helping me
with the design and installation of a head and foot pool connected by a
30-foot "creek". All running down through the soon-to-be herb garden. In
return I will help her design and lay out a new herb garden at her home
plus build some PVC trellis for her.

Life is good.

George, on a very cool but sunshiny Saturday in SW Louisiana