Re: [gardeners] Seed starting

Jane Burdekin (
Sat, 31 Jan 1998 13:58:14 -0700

This all sounds wonderful George, you are lucky to live where you do.  It
will be a while before I can get started on any of this.  The only reason
for the peppers is the science project, yeah right.  Your new stream sounds
great.  Jane

> Here's what I'm starting at the moment: Chiles - Longhorn (mild),
> (mild), Turkish Hot, Hawaiian Tabasco, Casabella, Ancho, Thai Hots, Big
> Chile. Tomatoes - Yellow Pear, Homestead, Tumbler, Amish Paste, Dinner
> Plate, (Heatwave II's will be started in April). Eggplant - Hybrid Dusky
> and Louisiana Long Green. Squash- Waltham Butternut, Spaghetti, Green
> Striped Cushaw. Also a bunch of Burpee's Best Burpless Cukes and some
> edible gourd - Cucuzzi. That's just what has been started for the nonce.
> More chiles will be started next month and probably more squash and
> tomatoes. Can't even mention the direct seeded stuff that is on hand,
> multiple beans, radishes, greens, lettuces, etc. With any luck the
> clan will eat good this year. 
> Miz Anne is out yonder yanking up monkey grass as I write this. When she
> done with her salvage operation we will yank up another 4 or 5 azaleas
> some other trash bushes she has in what, soon, will be my large herb bed.
> My friend, often referred to as "Our Lady of the Personal Ponds", will be
> here this afternoon. Angie makes part of her living selling crop
> and the rest by designing and installing garden ponds. She's helping me
> with the design and installation of a head and foot pool connected by a
> 30-foot "creek". All running down through the soon-to-be herb garden. In
> return I will help her design and lay out a new herb garden at her home
> plus build some PVC trellis for her.
> Life is good.
> George, on a very cool but sunshiny Saturday in SW Louisiana
> George