[gardeners] In The Garden

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 31 Jan 1998 18:26:58

Well, there's only two large azaleas left to move. Waiting on the word from
a friend of Miz Anne's as to whether she wants them for her new digs or
not. The rest have been moved up on the other hill and/or potted for the
next plant sale we run.

Got a surprise this evening when I checked the seed flats. The Amish Paste,
Homestead, and Yellow Pear tomatoes are up and bumping the saran wrap as
are the Butternut, Green Tint, and Spaghetti squash. The Dinner Plate
tomatoes should be popping out tomorrow and in a few days we should see
some eggplant seedlings. Probably will be another several days on the
chiles and a few more past that for the latest seed flat started. Sleepy
Dawg and I did a little dance through the house in honor of the new
seedlings. That little dawg thinks gardening is great fun, she lays there
and watches us work without breaking a sweat. Once in awhile she will get
up and chase a cricket or chew on a stick and is always ready to creep up
on an unsuspecting human and then leap on them for a kiss or two. Miz Anne
thought we were nuts, dancing and singing through the house until I told
her the occasion and we did a conga line then.

Gotta go, smells like the very large lasagna is about done and I need to
toast the olive/basil/oregano/garlic bread I made to go with it. Life is good.