Re: [gardeners] Smuggling plants

Margaret Lauterbach (
Sun, 01 Feb 1998 13:07:16 -0700

>>>>It must depend on the country of origin.  My sister tried to bring in
>>>>one of the roots from which wasabe is made when she came from Japan
>>>>last summer.
>>>Amazing the Japanese didn't sushi you first.
>>>Iit is illegal to export from japan
>>>They hate anyone else to have it and  have an absolute monopoly on its
>>>Just as the Dutch did in the early days of the spice trade.
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>>Wanna bet?  They're selling it in the Berkeley, Calif. area I hear.
>You know those Berkeley radicals and their herbs. They probably have
>something handy from anywhere in the world, particularly if a government
>didn't want them to have it. ;-)
>George, who would never ever smuggle anything !again!
Berkeley is a place I hope I never have to visit again.  Trying to do
research in the Bancroft library, pay for xerox copies, etc., and they
don't have change for $20 (few libraries do).  So I stopped in a S&L en
route to the campus from the parking garage, and asked to break the 20.
"Do you have an account here?"  "Well, no, I don't, but isn't this legal
tender everywhere in the U.S.?"  One teller, "as a special favor," broke
the muggin' bill.  Before the week was out, the parking garage attendant
swore at me and yelled because I gave him a $10 for a $4.75 parking bill.
Cops in all the grocery stores, watching for people snatching steaks and
running through the doors.  Sheeesh!  Margaret