Re: [gardeners] echinaceae

Jane Burdekin (
Fri, 6 Feb 1998 10:06:17 -0600

>Jane Burdekin wrote:
>> I use a combination echinacea/goldenseal capsule if I feel like I am coming
>> down with something.  I am using it now as a preventative med because my
>> son has a cold, and he is taking 2 caps 2-3 times a day.
>Jane, be very careful using goldenseal on a regular basis for
>too long.  In general, 3 months is the maximum recommended
>prescription.  I can provide detailed information about what
>this herb has been used for historically, if you are interested.

I am interested in that history.  I only use the combo med when I feel
something coming on, or if someone else in the house is sick, so I wouldn't
be using it for 3 months.  I had a roommate years ago that nearly killed
off the household with his straight goldenseal tea, now that was a nasty
tasting tea.  Boulder is traditionally an herbal town since the 60's so
these have been around here for years.  Thanks for the concern, and for the
information.  You always come thru.