Re: [gardeners] echinaceae and other medicinal herbs

Marianne Lepa (
Sun, 08 Feb 1998 08:08:33 -0500

I just got around to catching up on my mail here...I thought you guys were
discussing *growing* echinacea!

Gleaned from a variety of sources:

Echniacea: One of the 'blood purifying' herbs that can help to stimulate an
immune system that has become sluggish because of poor diet, illness or
stress. Should not be used by pregnant women or by persons who have
allergies to plants in the Sunflower family

Goldenseal: An antibiotic and antibactierial herb that is effective in
cleaning and clearing mucous membrane tissues, has a number of uses
including reducing blood pressure, assisting in the healing of ulcers and
digestive system disorders. Should not be used by pregnant women or persons
with ragweed allergies.

For best cold and flu prevention, echinacea and goldenseal should be
alternated against each other every two weeks (that is, 2 weeks of
echinacea followed by 2 weeks of goldenseal, and so on) starting 6-8 weeks
before the onset of the cold and flu season in your area. Maximum dosage
time should be no more than 6 months.

Ginkgo bilboa: A stimulant herb that reportedly improves brain functioning
by increasing blood flow to the brain. Aids in circulation, skin disorders
and has a slight anti-depressant effect. Ginkgo has a cumulative effect and
must be taken daily for at least two weeks before results are felt. Ginkgo
works well in combination with Siberian ginseng during times of stress, or
to boost a system worn out by illness. 

Any stimulant herb should be cycled. 2 weeks on/2 weeks off is the general
recommendation, but it can also be 1 month on/1 month off, to a maximum of
6 months.
However, we're all much better off to eat a balanced diet, get a good
night's sleep, get plenty of fresh air and exercise, avoid stress,
stressful situations and stressful people. This is where real health lies. :-)

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