Shredded paper was Re: [gardeners] Spring? (
Thu, 12 Feb 1998 21:22:37 -0500

At 07:50 PM 12-02-98, you wrote:
snip>We yanked out the broccoli, harvesting the last few florets, and the
>beans, badly frost-bitten they were but still enough beans for one last
>meal. Will be at the VA Clinic most of tomorrow but will continue yanking
>the winter crops on Saturday and adding them to the compost heap. 

Hope all goes well tomorrow and you don't run into too many * types.

Has anyone ever used white bond paper (typing, photocopy, etc) in the
garden?  We are thinking of buying a papershredder and recycling it into
the garden.  I've usewd n newsprint for years but I was wondering about
this heavier weight stuff and also the bleach (how much is there) in the
white paper going into the garden.