Re: [gardeners] flowers for my area (
Sat, 14 Feb 1998 22:26:31 +0000

Dear George, and All: Yes, we are stiill on the list; finally sorted 
out the various mails, weeded, recovered from jet lags, weeded, 
answered the msgs on the telephone, weeded, made peace with the dog 
(Walter) who had spent the timewe were away in what our vet calls her 
"Bed and Breakfast."  The Carolina jasmine is beginning its annual 
extravaganza, the little lettuces may just hit the salad bowl 
tomorrow, daffodils-violets-crocus are the only bloomers except for 
one brave rose.  On the porch the Christmas cactus is finally 
flowering and just outside its window the Red Baron peach trees are 
starting to show color; Red Baron isn't much on peaches but it is a 
beautiful bloomer - truly red flowers. 
  George, you asked, "What is rock?"  
Well, some people here use it for building material, or as 
 landscaping assets, but .are an abomination when you want 
to dig a hole.  Anyone want some?  Come and dig your own!  I'll plant 
stuff in the hole you leave, unless there is a rock ledge just below 
and then we'll both huff-and-puff and try to crack it to provide 
drainage. David builds low walls with rocks after he digs them up; 
at last measuring, he has about 480 feet of dry wall.  I make paving 
of the flat rocks.  You have to do something with it!  Oh, one other 
use; we found a rock that had been hollowed out by a drip line from 
an outcropping; that is my spoonrest by the stove.
  Like the clever ones who shred paper to use in compost and for 
mulch,. A good gardener never lets anything go to waste -- or does 
anyone remember the infamous hay bale?
Hope everyone had a happy Valentine's Day and that President's Day 
(tomorrow) is an inspiration to all -- Presidents and voters alike!