RE: [gardeners] Spring in February?

Seyfried,Alice (
Mon, 16 Feb 1998 08:48:00 -0500

Yes, Liz. It's happening to me, too.  I've got daffs that are a good 6
inches high (I'm scared to look and see if there are flower buds up),
hyacynths about 1 inch high, sedum autumn joy, and a bunch of other
perennials that have started to show their heads. I'm pretty scared too.

Alice in London, Ohio (zone 5b)

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> I've got Blue Pearl crocus and large yellow crocus blooming! 
> What a shock that was to see.  There are hyacinths that will be 
> blooming within the week and tulips that are about 5 inches high, 
> neither of which is in a protected area.  The buds on the little leaf 
> lindens we planted last year are quite swollen (which scares the 
> dickens out of me) and the first dandelion bloomed today.  About 1/2 
> of my perennials have started growing.
> Do you folks have this going on?  I'm worried about losing my trees 
> to a hard freeze.  This activity is at least 3 weeks early for my 
> region.
> Liz