[gardeners] Do you LOVE gardening and can't wait to..

Mon, 16 Feb 1998 11:13:58 -0800

Do you LOVE gardening and can't wait to get outside and mess around in the dirt? . . 
. If so, do you plant potatoes? 
Chances are you do. Then why not pay a visit to a brand new website dedicated to our
starchy favorite...the potato!
The Potato Patch, located at http://members.tripod.com/~potatopatch/, carries
many of your oldtime favorites as well as the latest in technological spuds.
We carry the best & highest quality selection of reds, whites, and russets 
anywhere, plus those odd purple and yellow varieties everyone is talking about. 
"How can you make such a claim", you might ask? Simple! . . . 
The Potato Patch is a seed potato company whose dedicated workers 
uphold a family tradition of producing the highest quality seed potato stock, 
dating back to the 1920's. At the Potato Patch, our certified seed stock is derived
from disease free potato plant tissue which is multiplied in our state of the art laboratory.
This process is called micropropagation  and involves growing the plants in test tubes. 
These plants are then transplanted into our modern greenhouses for the production 
of mini-tubers. Watering, fertilizing, and pest control are monitored closely throughout
the growing season to give you, the customer, the premium product you want and
"What's so good about these "high-tech" potatoes?"
If you plant spuds, you know what Colorado Potato Beetles are and how destructive they can be to your 
garden. Some of you may have even heard of beetle resistant varieties, but have never been able to find 
them. Well, look no further! Available to the public for the first time - the patented NewLeaf potatoes from 
NatureMark. These potatoes are like any other potato; but they have a built-in protein from nature to protect 
themselves from the dreaded potato beetle. This eliminates the need to apply insecticides  a concern 
every American has about the foods they eat. This is a product of biotechnology. And the good news is it 
has no effect on the environment.
We currently have 41 different varieties and 2 NewLeaf varieties available for you to choose. Can't decide 
what potatoes to order? Try a variety pack. We'll give you a sampling of what we see as the best varieties 
to plant. 
In addition to seed potatoes, we offer a complete line of soup mixes, syrups, jellies, and jams. Perfect for 
the home or as gifts to a friend. Check it out! I highly recommend them.
Check out the website or call us at (218)-456-2161