[gardeners] OT - Van Gogh family tree

Margaret Lauterbach (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Tue, 17 Feb 1998 08:38:43 -0700


 Careful research has revealed that the great artist Vincent Van Gogh had
many relatives, including:

His obnoxious brother -- Please Gogh
The brother who ate prunes -- Gotta Gogh
The brother who works at -- Stop 'n' Gogh
A grandfather from Yugoslavia -- U Gogh
His dizzy aunt -- Verti Gogh
The brother from Illinois -- Chica Gogh
His magician uncle -- Wherediddy Gogh
His Mexican cousin -- Amee Gogh
The Mexican cousin's half brother -- Green Gogh
The stage coach driver uncle -- Wellsfar Gogh
The constipated uncle -- Can't Gogh
The ballroom dancing aunt -- Tan Gogh
The bird loving uncle -- Flamin Gogh
His nephew, the psychoanalyst -- E Gogh
The fruit lovin' cousin -- Man Gogh
An aunt who taught positive thinking -- Wayto Gogh
The little nephew -- Poe Gogh
A sister who loved disco -- Go Gogh
His niece who travels in an RV -- Winniebay Gogh