Re: [gardeners] Spring in February?

Cheryl & Erich Schaefer (
Wed, 18 Feb 1998 19:03:09 -0500 (EST)

I've been meaning to answer this for days but we're in crisis mode for a
change and I haven't been outside to see what's up. So far only the first
inch or two of crocuses, daffs and a few tulips showing. Nothing in bloom
yet despite the warm temperatures. After reading that Margaret's apricots
in Idaho were about to bloom I expected to be shocked when I went outside,
but we aren't that far along yet. Did see a robin. Hope he doesn't freeze
his little tush!  Cheryl

>At 05:02 PM 2/13/98 +0000, you wrote:
>>I've got Blue Pearl crocus and large yellow crocus blooming!
>>What a shock that was to see.  There are hyacinths that will be
>>blooming within the week and tulips that are about 5 inches high,
>>neither of which is in a protected area.  The buds on the little leaf
>>lindens we planted last year are quite swollen (which scares the
>>dickens out of me) and the first dandelion bloomed today.  About 1/2
>>of my perennials have started growing.
>>Do you folks have this going on?  I'm worried about losing my trees
>>to a hard freeze.  This activity is at least 3 weeks early for my
>Species crocus in the lawn will pop into blossom today, and unfortunately,
>my apricot trees are ready to burst into flower.  Waaaaay too early.

Cheryl Schaefer
Zone 5 in the fabulous Finger Lakes of NY