[gardeners] Virtual Gardening, etc.

Liz Albrook (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 18 Feb 1998 23:52:29 +0000

I get stir-crazy about this time of year and have found relief of a 
sort from visiting websites with lots of pictures of various flowers. 
If you are sick and need to keep your activities restricted or if, 
like me, you just want to get on with it, you might enjoy some of 
these web pages. 

 One of my latest hang ups has been roses, 
particularly old garden roses.  The following are a couple of great 
sites and a third, completely disorganized, site with loads of great 
links.  Some of the links are even better than these sites.


If you haven't looked at it yet the Dowdeswell delphium site is a
showstopper.  I have a photo of one of their new delphinium
varieties, Pern, on my desktop as centered wallpaper.


Logee's website is coming along.  I love Logee's.  They have nice 
pictures of several passiflora and brugmansias.  You can also order 
their catalog there.  I spent many a night drooling over that 


I should warn you not to start looking at all of these unless you 
have a lot of spare time or are a fellow insomniac.

Speaking of Logee's, I'd also like to get a plug in for Southern 
Perennials and Herb's.  I know they have a website but I haven't been 
there in a year and don't know if there are enough pictures to make 
it a good winter gardening site.  I got their catalog today and all I 
could say for about 45 minutes was "Wow!".  These folks have some 
great prices and a good selection of perennials and herbs.  I drooled 
over some gingers and am going to try one or two in the house.  
There's still room in the living room for people which tells me I 
need more houseplants.

Oh, as some of you know I have a budding hoya collection.  Hoyas are 
strange plants, which is why I like them I suppose.  The flowers are 
bizarre -- most are small and waxy although some are quite showy -- 
and fragrant.  In fact, some of them are so fragrant in the evening 
that you don't want them to be anywhere near your nose.  Others smell 
like fine perfume.  If you'd like to find out about these strange but 
addicting plants, this website has some pictures and great text as 
well as links to other sites of interest.  I greatly enjoyed the 
Swedish Hoya Society's webpage (and so did my hard drive when it ate 
the URL).  You can get there from this site.


Hope you guys enjoy some of these.