[gardeners] Squash and gourds

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Thu, 19 Feb 1998 18:44:17

It's settled, the squash and gourd seedlings go in the garden tomorrow.
Came in at noon today after a hard two hours work for rent money and found
a spaghetti squash plant wrapping tendrils around the light fixture. So,
tomorrow I'm ripping out the carrots, a row of lettuce, and a few greens to
make room for 20 climbing plants. Every blasted seed came up that I
planted. The cucuzzi edible gourds have leaves as big as my hand already. I
may have giant mutant squashoids growing in here. 

Checked the newly planted fruit trees this morning and there isn't any
fruit yet. It's already been 24 hours, am I doing something wrong? <VBG>

The favas still haven't filled out yet, guess the cool weather has slowed
them some what. Since this is the first time I have grown favas I am
curious as to how long they take to harvest a crop. We planted these things
the first week in October and here it is the end of February and the pods
still aren't full enough to harvest. Que paso?