[gardeners] Re: [CH] The Biggest Chilli List

Michael Bailes (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 20 Feb 1998 21:44:24 +1100

At 1:32 AM +1100 20-2-98, Machinegun wrote:
>Twas Writ:
>>OK Five years of work and here it is for free!!
>*VERY* impressive, brother chilehead.  Note that the link above doesn't
>work; seems the /chilli/ is supposed to be /chili/.  Sniffed out the
>chile-list anyways.  Would that I had an acre of land and nothing else to
>do but buy chile seeds, plant 'em, minister to 'em, and drink tea on the
>porch whilst watching them grow.
>Of course, I'd have to live in Oz...but I could get into that :)
>Peace and may El Grande keep your business healthy...if not lucrative...
thanks Rael
Lucritive would be nice but . . .
Please speak to El Grande for me
We do let SOME Americans live here you know-  even without a "green" card.
You just have to do a written test on Australian humour.

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