[gardeners] Boil them cabbage down

Bob Kirk (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 23 Feb 1998 19:09:19 -0600 (CST)

George Shirley asked

> A question. I have a 3-gallon crock full of kraut sauering or whatever the
> word is, has been on eight days today. Gonna make a batch of Thai spring
> rolls tomorrow and freeze them. Make handy snacks when we come in after a
> long day. What in the world else am I gonna do with the other 9 or 10 heads
> of Savoy cabbage that are out there grinning at me? Anybody got any ideas
> on how to preserve cabbage other than sauerkraut, spring rolls, or freezing.

   Napa cabbage? One word (or two): kimchee. Sorry, I don't have any recipe
for the good stuff (which is very much fresh cabbage and nothing like the
putrid muck of legend) but brine, lots of dried chiles, a little ginger, and
any extra green onions and garlic you have on hand should give you some idea. 
Japanese radishes (and tops), either as an addition or the primary ingredient,
are a taste I've never managed to acquire.
   Actually I don't understand how anyone on a salt-limited diet could eat
this anymore than standard sauerkraut, except that if you use enough chiles
and/or ginger, a little of it goes a long ways.


   Closest I've ever actually come to _making_ kimchee is to recycle the
brine from the stuff you have to ask for down on third street to get it
a gallon at a time (commercial brand, from Chicago, I could use an excuse
if anyone's interested and doesn't have 10 heads of cabbage kicking around).