Re: [gardeners] Boil them cabbage down

George Shirley (
Mon, 23 Feb 1998 19:51:23

At 07:09 PM 2/23/98 -0600, you wrote:
>George Shirley asked
>> A question. I have a 3-gallon crock full of kraut sauering or whatever the
>> word is, has been on eight days today. Gonna make a batch of Thai spring
>> rolls tomorrow and freeze them. Make handy snacks when we come in after a
>> long day. What in the world else am I gonna do with the other 9 or 10 heads
>> of Savoy cabbage that are out there grinning at me? Anybody got any ideas
>> on how to preserve cabbage other than sauerkraut, spring rolls, or
>   Napa cabbage? One word (or two): kimchee. Sorry, I don't have any recipe
>for the good stuff (which is very much fresh cabbage and nothing like the
>putrid muck of legend) but brine, lots of dried chiles, a little ginger, and
>any extra green onions and garlic you have on hand should give you some
>Japanese radishes (and tops), either as an addition or the primary
>are a taste I've never managed to acquire.
>   Actually I don't understand how anyone on a salt-limited diet could eat
>this anymore than standard sauerkraut, except that if you use enough chiles
>and/or ginger, a little of it goes a long ways.
>   Closest I've ever actually come to _making_ kimchee is to recycle the
>brine from the stuff you have to ask for down on third street to get it
>a gallon at a time (commercial brand, from Chicago, I could use an excuse
>if anyone's interested and doesn't have 10 heads of cabbage kicking around).
Got a recipe for kimchee off the net yesterday. You can actually buy canned
kimchee in the local supermarkets here. Looked at a jar of it the other day
and it was put up in Houston, Texas, must have a fairly large Korean
population. I wouldn't eat any of it when I was in Korea as I watched how
it was fermented there. <VBG> I eat only a little kraut or kimchee now. The
kraut I rinse first to remove a lot of the salt. My kraut recipe only calls
for 3 tablespoons pickling salt to 5 pounds cabbage, still tastes salty to
my renovated taste buds.