Re: [gardeners] This weekend

Terry King (
Sat, 28 Feb 98 09:18:42 -0600

On Sat, 28 Feb 1998 10:54:25, George Shirley wrote:

>What's cooking in everyone's gardens right now?

Nothing!  Its still covered in snow. :-D  

I did move my stored roses outside.  I have a protected corner on the south 
side of my house were a "foyer" like entry sticks out.  The hat and weedX I 
put down last summer is still there.  I angled a board across the corner and set 
my 4 potted roses in the corner, stuffed as much straw as I possibly could 
around the pots and plants.  I then covered it all with a burlap sack, 3 layers of 
reemay and 2 old acrylic blankets.  It been down to 14 degrees and the new 
shoots are still ok so it looks like this will work.  

Funny/amazing thing was when I moved a 1 gal pot that had been sitting 
unmoved since last summer, there was a live earthworm under it! Spring is 

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