Re: [gardeners] This weekend (
Sat, 28 Feb 1998 16:47:40 +0000

George asked: 
> What's cooking in everyone's gardens right now?
	Well, in ours, Carolina jasmine, muscari, daffodils (almost gone), &
Red Baron peaches are blooming.  Green stuff?  some lettuce, 
re-seeded annuals, and Swiss Chard. 
	 The chard is leftover from last year, is at least three feet high, 
won't quit, and we can't eat it fast enough.  We've had it raw, 
steamed, stuffed in pasta shells, creamed -- even a chard version of 
Vietnamese spring rolls.  Between the mutant squashes and swiss 
chard, we could have the World's feeding problem licked.  (Of course, 
we might all turn green.)
	The sorrowful part is, we have a freeze forecast and all  the 
seedlings under lights are getting too tall and can't go outside to 
play. There is nothing quite so pitiful as a seedling growing so 
tall it tips over its container.
	Please tell me! Why is Mother Nature in such a snit?