Re: [gardeners] This weekend

Terry King (
Sun, 01 Mar 98 21:13:59 -0600

On Sat, 28 Feb 1998 13:27:27, George Shirley wrote:

>I have no idea what variety these are, someone gave them to me and I forgot
>to write down who sent them in. They just sat there blooming their little
>heads off for the longest time and then started setting pods. From what I
>could find on the net the average for spring planted is 100-150 days and
>for fall planted, what we did, is about 240 days. It was 5 months to the
>day from planting when we harvested some yesterday and they really need
>some more time to mature properly. The biggest problem is shelling them out
>of the outer pod, then boiling them for 1 minute and shelling out of the
>inner pod. Sheesh, you would starve to death if you only lived on fava beans.

Were those the fava's I sent you!?  I haven't ever gotten any planted and the 
seed were from a friends harvest.  Good grief, if I had known they were such a 
bother I wouldn't have sent them.  Maybe it was the shock of being grown on 
rocky, dry soil way up here in the north then being planted way down there in 
the south! :-D  FWIW I believe they are Windsor Favas.

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