[gardeners] Re: This weekend

George Casella (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 6 Mar 1998 14:31:14 -0500

Hi All:

> On 3/398, Catherine wrote:

>I am so far behind reading mail I will never catch up. My garden is in 
>shambles. I have not started any seed. ARGH.
>Anyway, following are blooming:
>daffodils (never been prettier)
>Magnolia souleiana (can't spell)

Sounds like a great  Spring so far with everything blooming.  Read that your Magnolia is
in bloom and thought you may be familiar with a problem I'm having with my Magnolia
tree, which I believe is a Star Magnolia.  For the last 3 years , after  it has bloomed and the
leaves have started to grow, the leaves start becoming wrinkled and seem dry.  They
remain green all season and don't fall off til the fall.  The tree must be at least 25-30 feet
tall and seems very healthy. The owner of a local nursery tought it may be a fungus caused
by the leaves starteing to grow before the flower petals have completely fallen off.  He
couldn't offer  a treatment.  Will try our county cooperative extension again(didn't get a
reply last year).  As an aside, a smaller tree(~3feet) that I started from seed doesn't have
this problem, but it hasn't bloomed yet.  Wondering if my tree misses the south and just
doesn't like these northern winters.  Good luck with your garden  this year.

Long Island George - Zone 7