[gardeners] Friday

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 06 Mar 1998 10:53:27

A house husband's work is never done. So far today I: a) took out the
trash; b) brought the trash can back in; c) washed the inside and outside
trash cans; d) baked a loaf of multi-grain bread; e) emptied the dishwasher
and loaded it again; f) in process of washing clothes; g) cleaned both
bathrooms; h) checked on the fava beans (gardening related), not quite
ready to pick; i) checked on squash planted last Saturday -lost three
plants to light frost on Sunday; j) checked on cukes - nestled in amongst
the favas they are doing great; k) checked on recently planted fruit trees
- all leafing out nicely.

Wearing shorts and a t-shirt with a dew rag wrapped around my head. 74F,
90% humidity, cloudy, rain hovering over the horizon. If it ain't too wet
tomorrow I'm planting the garden, everything's going in. Will also till the
herb garden some more to get the texture and tilth I want. Got to start a
bunch of herbs in 2 inch pots for the plant sale next month. Got a booth at
an arts and crafts show for Miz Anne's paintings and my plantses. Already
got about 100 Greek oregano starts, 10 Puerto Rican oregano starts, and
about 30 Spanish oregano starts. The thyme starts are looking good and, of
course, the spearmint is growing wild. Wish I could convince the folks to
try some of the more esoteric herbs, they tend to be conservative around
here. I start these herbs in my spare time and just fertilize once in
awhile and keep watered. Other than my time I have nothing in the herbs as
I get the pots free from a local nursery - once used, sterilize the pots in
a bleach solution and reuse. Well, I pay for the basil seed but it's fairly
cheap in bulk and I get 50 cents a plant, that ain't to bad.

Hope spring is showing up in some farm throughout gardeners land.