Re: [gardeners] This weekend

Catharine Vinson (
Tue, 3 Mar 1998 22:51:14 +0000

> At 10:54 AM 2/28/98, George wrote:
> >What's cooking in everyone's gardens right now?

I am so far behind reading mail I will never catch up. My garden is in 
shambles. I have not started any seed. ARGH.

Next week will be better, I hope.

Anyway, following are blooming:

daffodils (never been prettier)
camellias (japonicas) (never been more gorgeous or plentiful)
scilla and all the wee little spring bulbs
hellebores (mine have really taken's like a carpet of them in 
one area)
Winter daphne
Winter honeysuckle
Armand's clemantis
Bradford pears
Magnolia souleiana (can't spell)
pansies, violas, johnny jumpups
sweet peas
bolting bok choi (about 4-5 feet high and beautiful)
bolting komatsuna (about 4-5 feet high and splendid)
various witch hazels

It's being a very wierd spring. Everything is out of sych. We'll probably 
have a blizzard in april.

Atlanta, zone 7b